Monday, January 11, 2010

Starburst Mirror

You will need:

~skewers or dowels
~hot glue
~small round craft mirrors - walmart $1.97 ..25 pk
~scissors - strong enough to cut through skewes
~ruler and protractor
~small automotive mirror - walmart $1.97
~silver metallic paint
~paint brush
~wall fastener so you can hang your piece

How to:

~using automotive mirror, trace circle onto cardboard
section the circle into equal pie pieces using your ruler and protractor

~now take 16 skewers, 8 of these need to be cut shorter by a couple inches

~using hot glue, apply the 8 longer skewers - first at 90 deg. angles (this will make a cross) - now at 45 deg. angles (in between each 90 deg angle

~now apply the 8 smaller skewers using hot glue. These will be applied between each of the larger skewers

~paint the entire piece using the silver metallic paint.

~now you will need to apply the mirrors... First apply the automotive mirror to the center of the piece using the hot glue

~next, apply the 8 larger craft mirrors to each larger skewer

~then apply the 8 medium craft mirrors to each smaller skewer

~finally, measure a few inches down on the larger skewers and apply the 8 small craft mirrors

~lastly, apply a wall fastener to the back to the piece.

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